Movie selection 02 – Cinema Delight

weekly selection 02

This week’s theme for my selected movies will be “The passion for Cinema”. These two are definitely movies I consider my favorites.

Hugo (2011) tells the story of a young boy who runs the clocks in a 1931 Paris railway station. As we learn about the odd but interesting life of the boy called Hugo Cabret, he is also rediscovering the movies from the time of the brothers Lumieres, innovating the visual art now considered as cinema by projecting moving images.

Cinema Paradiso (1988) follows the life story of Salvatore Di Vita in a way a Bildungsroman would have done it. Since his childhood, Salvatore always admired a projectionist called Alfredo who works at the local movie house called “Cinema Paradiso”. He grew up with the ambition of becoming a projectionist like Alfredo, and we follow his ascending to manhood through his passion for movies.

Just a small note, if you happen to actually watch Cinema Paradiso, I’d recommend you pay attention to the story about the soldier and the 100 nights. It’s something I’ll never forget from that movie 🙂

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