About the blog

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. This is actually my first blog and the idea was to comment and review movies I’ve seen. The idea has been suggested by a friend of mine.

I believe, every movie, like every song or book, has been written and produced for a reason, therefore, no movie should ever be considered useless or unworthy of existing. I created this blog in order to promote movies I’ve seen and admired. I dearly hope that I will succeed in giving you reasons to watch these movies.

In my posts I will comment the movie briefly in a spoiler-free paragraph. After that I will review the movie, as well as developing my personal interpretation of elements I find interesting. My goal is also to promote a perspective, beyond simple viewing, that allows the viewer to enjoy a movie as a fine piece of cinematographic art instead of anticipating specific characteristics from the movies according to a horizon of expectations that follows the principle of commercial movies.

Let me warn you, I am not a professional critic; I am just an amateur, fond of movies. Thus, my reviews being only the reflexion of my own point of view.

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